Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Caleb's Birthday Party Day - April 18

Caleb was happy to get up this morning. He knew it was time to celebrate!

He has been obsessed with birthdays so we're relieved it's finally his! He loves the excitement, the opening of presents, and CAKE! He likes treats but is really a grapes, carrots, and broccoli kind of kid. However, cake is his weakness. He's been asking for birthday cake this last week, knowing it is coming:)

Caleb took the dirt cake to daycare and they all loved it. They actually sent me a video saying thank you. Amy, our provider, is awesome. While Caleb was away at daycare, I frantically got things ready. We had to go to Plan B and my mom came for an hour before having a lunch with family in town, so I could run to the store to get the frosting from HyVee bakery for the cake. She did a few things for me while I was gone and I returned as quickly as possible. Of course right after she left, both babies woke. So I switched them every 15 minutes for awhile. One was in the bouncy seat and one was in the carrier. William really likes the carrier. It was probably quite the scene with me frosting a cake in front of myself with a baby between me in the cake. The angle was awkward but the Construction Cake was made.

My sister Krista drove in to town for Easter weekend from Colorado. She and our 2nd cousin, Katie drove together. They had lunch with my mom and Katie's parents and then they all came over to see Mollie and William. I put on a hat and cleaned for 10 minutes before they came. Luckily my mom gave me the 15 minute text warning:)

My sister Krista is the last aunt to meet these little ones. She was so excited to meet them. She had seen them only on Skype before this. Krista is a wonderful aunt to Caleb, so I know she will be wonderful with Mollie and William too.

Then due to people's own errands and schedules I had on and off help for the rest of the afternoon. My niece Josie came after a clinical session even and helped chop veggies and fruit. She also made my 4-H Fruit Dip recipe. Josh took a half day off work last minute so that he could help with the grocery shopping of fruit and vegetables. Then at 3:00 he went to pick up Caleb for his 3 year check up.

Caleb did great! He's about 40" tall and 41lbs. He had his blood pressure taken (a Bear Hug), his hearing (birds tweeting in the headphones) and vision (shapes on a wall) checked, and best of all No Shots! He's a healthy and impressive little guy. He was super cooperative with all the tests and Josh was a wonderful daddy guiding and encouraging him through it all.

Caleb came home and told me about the Bear Hug, the birds tweeting, and the doctor looking in his mouth. It was quite exciting. After he was home for a bit, Krista walked in the door. He stopped, registered who it was, and ran to her saying "Kista! Kista!" I cried. He jumped into her arms and snuggled into her. It was so sweet.

The party:
The food was ready and delicious. The menu was pigs in a blanket, fruits & veggies, spinach and strawberry salad, popcorn, Cheetos, and pop/milk/water. All Caleb's favorites.

We sang happy birthday to Caleb and he grinned through the whole thing.

After eating and cake it was time for presents. It was Good Friday so some guests needed to leave for church. Caleb opened each gift, hugging the givers, and loving the whole process. He was great! The last gift was a Big Wheel from Mommy and Daddy. He loves it.

Thank you everyone for your help, love, and gifts. It was a wonderful day and celebration of this little man. We are so grateful he was put in our charge. We learn and love every day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 14-17

Monday April 14th
Kayla Koble did a night shift again! Josh stayed up though and continued working on upstairs. He really wants to get that checked off his list!

Tuesday April 15th
This afternoon I took Mollie and Will to meet my students. 
This evening our daycare provider, Amy D, brought a former child care girl, Alayna, and  babysat our three kids. She's gifting us two date nights for our birthdays. How sweet! It was great too because we had no problem leaving. We trust Amy so much and she was well staffed and Caleb was happy to have Alayna and Amy at his house! 
Multiple Blessings dropped off supper - Tater tot hotdish. I enjoyed it as a late supper snack (I'm nursing)! Yum!

Josh and I Had our date at Bonfire, a newer restaurant we had not yet been to.  We had a delicious meal and enjoyed having time to talk! We laughed and truly had a great 'break.'

Wednesday April 16th
Ruthan, Nana, came and I got a nap this morning. Yay! Afterward we followed her to work to show off the babies. 
This evening Oma & Lauren came to help. I had to get some things done for school and next year's order of books. While I did that, these ladies gave 3 baths. For whatever reason I am not a fan of bath time, so this was a huge gift. Plus they were all occupied and I could work at the computer pretty easily. I did nurse while on the computer though:) 

Thursday April 17th
Southern MN Children's Museum did a photography fundraiser in which a professional photographer did 15 minute sessions for $15 with a free 8x10. We decided to take advantage of this to get a family photo. Caleb wanted to go in the studio right away but we had to wait our turn. He did pretty well waiting but it took a lot of coaching. During pictures he did well for an almost 3 year old too. I love that his, "say cheese" smile isn't too bad:) We'll see the pictures in a month and hopefully they look good:)

Supper was dropped off from Multiple Blessings for the last time. I will miss these delicious meals being provided.

Tonight I needed to bake Caleb's birthday cake so that I could freeze for the layering and frosting part. So after he was in bed and before I laid down, I worked in the kitchen. 
I also made Dirt cake for daycare kids. I ate it for the first time at Beth Johnson's childhood birthday party and I've loved it since, but have never made it. I'm excited to make it for Caleb and his friends. It's a cake he can help make in the future, just time was a factor.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekends fly by...

I really enjoy the weekends because Caleb and Josh are home. We get some family time Saturday morning that I really treasure! 

Oma picked up Caleb so that Josh could work upstairs all day, use the saw without worry of nap time, and get the floor done! 

Uncle Tom, Cheryl, and Amy brought lunch and hungry arms for babies:) I got a full belly and a nap! We also gave Mollie and William baths before they left. A lot was accomplished in three hours! Josh kept working upstairs. He was installing the floor.

Josie and Eli came over in the evening to help with holding babies while Josh kept working. We didn't so our normal shifts tonight so he could hammer through and get it done! 

The bathroom and main bedroom floors are installed!

Caleb came home this morning. 
I somehow tweaked my back. Side lying has not been friendly lately. I like it but I most hold a muscle that gets angry later.

Mollie and Will had a needy afternoon. 

So we went to Supper at Oma and Grandpa's. On the way Caleb was hungry so I found a baggy of popcorn in the diaper bag. I told him I was going to throw it to him. He said, "Ok! Ready!" I threw it to him and he said shouted, "I did it! Thanks Mom!" I wish his expression and intonation could be shared with you. It adds to the sweetness of the memory.

Caleb was thrilled to play with Grandpa and Zach, while Greta, Mom, and I handled babies. Greta ate one handed all of supper while she held and kept Will content in the other arm. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7-11

April 7
I was tired Monday morning. Thank goodness Ur Oma came! She worked hard at holding babies to give me a nap:) So very appreciated!

Ur Oma was able to stay until 11:00. Like when she was there, the rest of the day felt like a relay or tag team between Mollie and William. It was a 'busy' day.

Monday night was such a gift! My friend, Kayla, came after my evening nursing at about 8:45. She then stayed with babies so Josh and I could both go to bed. WONDERFUL! Per usual this time of night, they had a bit of fussiness but she handled it. 

April 8
Tuesday morning I finished a feeding about the same time as Caleb woke up, so I got him ready. I put his PJs away as Caleb ran out of his room and into the living room. Then I heard him run into the kitchen and call out, "Will?" Then Caleb ran back in to his bedroom. 
Caleb was obviously concerned about Will. "Where's Will?!" He exclaimed. I said, "He's in the bouncy seat." 
I walked him out to the living room. See usually both babies are in the pack n play or in my arms in the morning. I showed him Will in the bouncy seat. He looked relieved and said, "Oh cute!" He's such a great big brother.

I had a 9am doctor's appointment, so I packed babies up after a quick early feeding and arrived on time. Key words: on time. I was proud of myself:) Greta, my sister, met me at the clinic to help in case babies needed assistance during the exam. Dr T was his joyful and energetic self. Afterwards I stopped by to see Sue D, our fertility specialist, too. I thanked her for helping us get them here. She was excited to see them. She teared up. Mollie & Will slept through it all. I decided to take advantage of their sleepiness so I went to the bank's drive thru to deposit a check. They were still sleeping so I carried their car seats in to Liv Aveda for an eye brow wax. Everyone stopped and said they were cute:) I felt like super woman carrying two car seats through the salon:) I got home and nursed two hungry babies after a big morning! 

Today we also went to School, my work. Many of the staff had yet to meet Mollie and Will, so we went to them, especially to see Marcia. In another week or two I will take them to meet the students, but I' slowly taking them out and introducing them to people/germs:)

The afternoon flew by. Then we were blessed with supper provided by Tricia from Multiple Blessings. Multiple Blessings is a group of moms with multiples. It's great to have support! 

This evening Mollie and William had one more excursion, Book Club! I even read the book, Wishing on Willows. It was great to go out, talk about something other than babies, but still enjoy them. There were happy holders too:)

Wednesday 9th
Nana came to help this morning. Always grateful for any assistance! Caleb receives speech services through the school district, so we had a meeting this morning as we approach his third birthday. Caleb is doing exceedingly well, and such a cooperative and hard worker. We're very proud of the progress he has made.

Early this afternoon, the home health nurse Gloria came to do a weight check. 
William is 9lbs 2.5oz, up 12.5 oz from last week.
Mollie is 8lbs 5 oz, up 8 oz.  Both had great gains!

After Gloria left we had a feeding and then head to Oma's work. Boy was that office happy to hold cute and healthy little babies. We were there for about an hour going office to office. 

Margerithe, a woman from church, pulled in the driveway after us as we got home. She brought us supper and gifted very cute burp clothes. She made jello jugglers that spelled Mollie, William, Caleb, Mom, and Dad. So very sweet and delicious! Caleb loved eating a majority of them!! 

Oma was here for the evening as well helping with things and holding babies as Josh worked upstairs. 

Today we had a Lactation appointment at 11:00 with Sue S. We did a tandem nursing and measured how much was transferred. They did well, but not as much as we give when we bottle them. I wanted to check. However the more we tandem nurse, the better they will get it. 

Afterwards we met with our nurse, Lisa, in the waiting room. She was happy to see both Molly and William, and get the chance to hold Will. He really has chunked up since we left the hospital! 

Next we did our first Target run. We ran into a fellow mother of multiples I have met through Mankato's Multiple Blessings group. We were also stopped to talk about my twins by two completely random people. Something I've been told to get used to:) 

On the way out another mom was pushing a stroller with a young baby girl. I asked her how old her daughter was and we found out our babies were born one day apart, both in Mankato. We joked we will find each other again in ECFE and kindergarten. 

We got home and they were hungry. I figured I would settle Mollie since she was content, and quick feed Will since he was being vocal about being hungry. Well Mollie wasn't so quickly laid down. I picked her up and found Poop! 

We went for a family walk down the trail and to the park tonight. 

Hungry William tonight! These babies are growing!

Friday, April 11
Michelle, our church's nursery director stopped this morning to hold babies while I took a deluxe shower. One where I had time to shave my legs, shampoo AND condition my hair! Woohoo:) I'm so grateful for these acts of kindness!

Grandpa and Oma stopped for an hour before going out to eat, and got snuggles in. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Sunday morning I took Mollie and William to my friend Kayla's for pictures. Mollie had a tutu on for the first time. I loved it more than I thought I would! I'm adjusting to this whole 'little girl' world.

My cousins Kevin, Diana, and Laura came to visit. They brought us lunch and tie blankets for Mollie and William. It was great to catch up. It seems too far between our visits. My mom, Oma, and Garrett came while our cousins were here. Caleb gave Garrett a running hug as a great. Just take Caleb to the park and he'll love you forever! It was one of the best hugs. We all visited and hung out for awhile.

Then Caleb and Josh went swimming. Caleb was SO excited. He kept telling everyone over and over again that he was going swimming. Shortly after those two left, everyone else left too to give me a nap. 

My boys came home, Caleb took a nap, and then I took all 3 kids to my parents for Family Supper. Josh said I was brave and that's why he loved me. Josh stayed home to get some uninterrupted work done.

Family supper went well. It was fun to rejoin the tradition. Garrett and Kayla were there too. After supper we did baby baths. Meanwhile caleb played outside with Grandpa.

On the way home I told Caleb that it was bed time when we would get home. He was so good. He walked in, took of his coat, and said,  "Night night Daddy."  He's such a cool little man!  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5th

Saturday means we can all lounge for a bit since we're all home! I love these weekend mornings. Everyone snuggles with someone:)

Uncle Garrett came to visit with his puppy Saddie. I keep thinking Woody acts like a puppy but actually he doesn't. I forgot true puppy energy, jumps, and licks:) She is a golden retriever, and awfully cute.

Uncle Garrett took Sadie and Caleb on a walk and to the park for over an hour. They had lots of fun. Caleb made a friend at the playground. Meanwhile Josh shopped and prepped for floor installation, and I cared for babies and did some kitchen cleaning and prepping. 

Early afternoon Caleb took a nap. Garett and I made Dad's peanut butter fudge, and finished eating lunch while babies wanted to be held. 

At 3:00 we were invited to cousin Lincoln's birthday party. So Garrett helped with babies while Josh and I each showered and packed for the day. We also fed Mollie and Will, and I pumped. 

Caleb woke, excited for the impending party and cake, but of course after some Daddy snuggles. Post showers to driving to the party took us an hour. We were 15 minutes late. This was our first time traveling together as a family of 5! Caleb was excited to sit in the back seat. 

We got to the party at Nana and Papas. Caleb loves everything to do with birthdays, from balloons to presents, to candles and cake. We prepped him and he did a really good job celebrating Lincoln's birthday. It helped that they let Caleb help open some gifts and he got just excited about the gifts as Lincoln. It was all about taking turns. Caleb also opened an early birthday present from Aunt Jen. It was bath toys and Caleb insisted on testing them immediately in the tub. Ok! Bath in the middle of the party, ok!

There was pizza, presents, a piƱata, and cake! We had a great time with family! 

As things wound down I took a nap. We got home just in time for Caleb's bedtime. And then shortly after it was my turn for bed. Before drifting off to sleep I ate a piece of the fudge Garrett and I made. Josh gave me a big hug and gave me his sympathies for losing Dad. The day flew by focusing on life, which is a great tribute. I took a quiet moment sucking on Dad's fav fudge to grieve my loss and heaven's gain. I got a few text from family marking the date and sharing kind messages. It was a blessed day, despite the devil's attempts. God has been faithful. 

Mollie's hearing

Friday was Mollie's audiology appointment. She had yet to pass a hearing test on her left side. She did great sleeping through things getting stuck to her head and shoved in her ears. She still didn't pass, but it was more specific and they have ruled out any major hearing loss. The results of the test show that it is likely a build up/fluid in the ear drum.  We'll give her 7 more weeks to try and clear it on her own and redo the test. If she still doesn't pass we'll be referred to the pediatric ENT doctor and discuss tubes or other causes/treatment. We're happy with this result! God has relieved some concerns of more intensive intervention and care. We are grateful! 

Our good sleeper.

Patient little brother.

All done!

Friday, April 4, 2014

6 week reflection

6 weeks with a multitude of emotions. 

Any woman becoming a mother for the first time or the seventh will relate to the rush of holding your new child, biological or adopted, planned or a surprise. A new life merging into yours is a rush! Much like an amusement park ride there is a lot of anticipation, adrenaline, and even fear, but lots of joy and pride too. The ride isn't close to over, but you made it up and down the first big hill. And that's just within the first hours of your babe's life! 

My husband and I were just dating when we mentioned future preferences of family sizes. We both thought 4 sounded good, but agreed we wanted at least more than 2. We also thought twins would be fun and were excited to find out twins ran in both sides of our families. God noted that conversation. 

Our twins are such a blessing! We got our 'wish' from that long ago conversation. Mollie and William arrived on February 20th in a snowstorm. The delivery was smooth and my body was able to deliver naturally and without pain meds. The rush was there! Joy and relief! They are here!! 

Much like an amusement ride, though, there are moments of doubt. When approaching the next big summt you think, "Who thought this was a good idea?" Well truth is, I have had that exact same thought. So has Josh. Ha! Our sleep deprivation tells us in a smug voice, "You wanted this!" I like to think we are handling this uncertainty and exhaustion with grace, faith, and patience knowing this is just one hill to ride out. I don't think we're the image of bug-eyed screamers on a roller coaster anyway. We just might be a little white knuckled:) 

It's funny because many people have said to me. "Oh I want twins!" Or, "That's exactly what I would want for twins. One boy, one girl." Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be Mollie and Will's mother, and consider myself very blessed, but be careful what ride you wish for. The height of these hills look manageable from the passenger line, but look very different once harnessed in and lurching forward. Really, This is a truth of parenting singles or multiples, period. 

I guess I just I needed to confess my doubts and insecurities,...not something I like to do. I love my children! But it isn't easy! I'm exhausted, wear stretchy pants each day, don't even change into pajamas, sleep on the couch, try to get a daily shower but not always successful, and sleep at most in a 2.5 hour stretch once a day. Otherwise it's hour naps at most. We don't have colic or health concerns. We have a patient, loving, and kind toddler. We really shouldn't complain, but I kind of want to. Really I just want to be honest and say I love my babies, but this is taking all I've got. And I'm willing to give it all to these beautiful babies, but at their middle of the night cluster feeding it is a bit begrudgingly. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Monday, last day of March:
Here we are snuggling on the couch at 7:15am, before daycare.

It was a great day just me and the babes. I got a great hour nap from 7:45 to the 9 am feeding. It really set the tone for a great day!! It was great to get in a groove and feel on top of things. I have a feeling moments like that will be fleeting.

By the evening I did get tired.
The babies were awake more during the night due to sleeping so much in the early evening. It was not a restful night. 

April 1:
It was an Early morning and I was feeling tired. It didn't help that the wind was howling and frost/ice covered everything! Luckily I just had to make it to 10:00. My friend Erica K came and gave me over an hour nap! She left a little after noon, leaving with laundry folded and content, sleepy babies. I ate lunch and laid down for just a bit. 

Then I gave William a bath. He was ready to eat after and then Mollie, so I only got his bath done today. Tomorrow is Mollie's turn! It was quickly after 3:00, so it was snuggles and a short nap with Mollie on the couch.

On behalf of our church and as a friend, Michelle M dropped off supper and a goodie bag. We hope she can come to snuggle babies soon! 
Oma came and finished sewing on missing buttons before Caleb came home:) He doesn't need to be tempted with needles and thread. 
Oma stayed to snuggle babies while I fed babies and pumped, and Josh got some outdoor exercise with Woody. Then we had the supper Michelle dropped off. Yummy! A friend dropped off a meal for this week too. Awesome! 

A peaceful evening again. Caleb was beat, so we were all a bit more sedentary.

I am working on Pictures! So many devices(phone, point-and-shoot, DSLR)! It's hard to keep them all organized on the computer. I'm trying to upload them to Shutterfly so I can make the birth announcement. Any organization tips from other mommas? Do you delete all pics off devices once uploaded? I make folders by date. Any other preference? 

April 2:
The night time feedings went well. I was more tired, so I didn't 't get up as quickly responding to their grunts. This meant that they were usually ready to eat at the same time. It made feedings a bit frantic at first but we settled in.

Nana came a little after 9:00, just in time for me to get a shower before Nurse Gloria came to check in and weigh Mollie and William. 

9:30 Gloria showed up and we only had good news to report. We practiced arranging pillows and babies for tandem nursing. Then it was time for exciting news. William gained 17ounces, over a pound! His current weight is 8lbs 6 oz. Mollie gained 13 ounces! Her current weight is 7 lbs 13oz. They are dramatically gaining weight. Good eaters! No wonder I sometimes just feel like a milk machine. 

After Gloria left I was able to take a 40minute nap before Nana needed to head in to work. Every minute helps! I ate lunch and gave Mollie a bath. Suddenly it was 4:00pm and my friend Kayla was on her way over to take pictures. 

Babies didn't quite cooperate. They were more awake than we'd like. So we tried for awhile and then just held them. Meanwhile Oma took Caleb on a long walk and to the park. He loved it!! He came back rosy cheeked and happy:)

We had supper and laid low after all the picture excitement. We are beat after a busy day, which wasn't too busy, but more than the usual right now. 

Nighty night