Sunday, June 23, 2013

Official 2 year old pics

I've got a nice camera so I may as well use it! Here's our attempts to keep a 2 year old still:) Let me know which pics are best. so I know which to order. As his mother, I am biased.


#2 (same as 1 but B/W)



#8 Thinking...

Playground set

No we haven't added the full swing set at our house, but Grampa and Oma keep adding to theirs. They have tractor tires to climb on, a sandbox, swings, and other climbing areas. Most recently they added toddler size equipment that can move around the yard. Caleb was very excited as it took three adults to put this thing together:)
Swinging makes waiting easier

Wild Hair on the trapeze

Helping Grampa carry supplies

They are fitting this puzzle together

What?! I am 12 feet off the ground and flying this thing by myself?!
I'm getting down from there!

It's done! Whee!


Caleb loves a party. He loves people, fun, and food. He is definitely an extravert. :)
For his birthday we had a lot of people in our house, great food, and plenty of presents. He gave hugs after each present as a thank you. While I realize gratitude is not fully grasped, I was happy he could take a break from the pile of presents to give love to his family. I love that our family is nearby and we can celebrate. We miss those far away, and those in Heaven, but always thankful for the Circle among us.

The blessing

The Cake

How old is Caleb?

Cupcake Mustache

The Little Drummer Boy

Thanks for the drums Aunt Kayla & Uncle Garrett

A Bus!

Thanks J1 Millers (Eli and his fam)


Thanks Nana and Papa favorites!

Thanks Aunt Sandra and Auntie Krista

College Fund - Thanks Oma & Grampa

Dr. Miller (beat you Jason) - Thanks Aunt Greta

Fear me...I am 2!

Ball Player- Thanks Aunt Britta, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Kiri
There were many more pictures and gifts but we I decided to keep it to 16 shots of a wonderful day. So happy and blessed with our Little Guy!