Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 2013 First 2 weeks

March meant we added a member to our household. Sandra Dohmen, my host sister from when I lived in Germany, is living with us this spring. She is going to be a teacher and needs a three month experience in a native speaking English classroom. So Caleb gets a live in aunt for the spring! We threw her right into the family mix with supper out with the Millers on Friday and MonsonAlms family on Sunday night.

We finally set up a time for Caleb's haircut. Wow! It got long! I couldn't believe how much hair was on the floor!

Sandra was initiated to Minnesota with a Snow Day on March 5, 2013. We had fun inside and outside!

This month Caleb is rocking puzzles and shape sorting. He's always done well previously, but he's a rockstar now. He also rocks at hanging with Daddy!

Caleb with his cape on, can hardly see him. He's so fast!
Weekend fun included joining the YMCA and tasting Broetchen, German biscuits! I think he likes them!

What? There's not more!?!?
Leaving the YMCA after swimming fun!
 Next post: Spring Break and Easter!