Monday, January 19, 2015

11 months

Double Trouble but 2x the fun - from the Fishers
11 month stuffed animals from the Doerings

So cliche, but truly, where has the time gone?

My premies are not so small! They are about 20lbs each,...and are true hand/arm-fulls! 

William is our even keeled little man. He is a snuggler, a smiler, and has great tickle spots! He army crawls surprisingly quickly and is crawling on all 4s more and more. He is picking up food to eat with his fist and thumb, sometimes using his pincers. He gets excited when he sees the yellow Kix box! 

Mollie is a our little diva. She'll shriek out upset and when we look at her to see why she is mad, she'll wrinkle up her nose and grin. She'll laugh and laugh, talk as loud as she can, and crawl all over. She loves playing with Woody's bell by the door that he rings to go outside. Mollie can use her pincers to pick up food, but prefers to be fed....diva:) She's lucky we couldn't be mad if we wanted to. She is just too lovable! Oh, and she stiff boards her body when she doesn't want to be set down on the floor or put in her car seat. 

Both have the greatest laugh when we polka. Those giggles make my day! 

The two of them are so fun to watch. Sometimes they are fully in parallel play, unaware of the other. Then the next minute, one wants whatever the other has. They can each have a pacifier in their mouth and reach out to pull the other's out. They do it simultaneously at times. It's hilarious!

Biggest thing is we started bathing them together. I was nervous because Will doesn't have much fear and they both like to move. So far so good. They love the water and practically swim around in the two inches of water. Mollie likes to splash and Will likes to crawl through the water on his belly at least one. 

Oh Mollie and Will, we are so glad you are in this family! Caleb and the two of you are our greatest joy each day!

Mom & Dad

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years

I could have many resolutions including personal and family health, financial goals, my faith walk, my daily habits, my mental health and self worth, my relationships with friends and family, the time I spent unplugged and with my children, and many more. Which do I choose? If I choose all of them I know I will quickly become overwhelmed and not keep up. So I am going to choose my faith walk. My relationship with God will lead to the rest of those goals anyway. But I have to be right with God and listening to His cues to be successful. 

As a mother, working or otherwise, many times we feel behind. I don't know how to keep up on the dishes, the meals, the laundry, the kids' baths, the general clutter/mail/cleaning, dusting, disinfecting, the bathroom!, the vehicle, and routine house maintence of filters changing, etc. I seem to have long nails all the time...not by choice, but because I am not in the same room as a nail clipper when I have a moment to think about it! Heaven for bid I just make time and walk to the room that has the clipper and do it. Ha! 

So instead of working on my list, I will work on God's list for me. The only thing I have to do is listen, and that I can make a priority every day! That can and will happen. 

This last year was amazing. I am in awe of the struggles and triumphs our family experienced this year. As I put out babes to sleep last night and snuggled into our bed, I truly felt blessed. At this time a year ago I was sleeping poorly due to a twins pregnancy that was becoming increasingly more difficult, and soon to turn to 6 weeks of bed rest! Our upstairs master bedroom was about to be gutted completely, and to become a long and trying project for my husband while I was on bed rest and in the hospital for 3 weeks with our 35 week old babies, and he was home with our 3 year old and continuing the remodel. Things were all about to change with an uncertainty. This year I went to bed with the man I love completely and three beautiful children sleeping peacefully. God gave me a lot of grace this year. He was patient as I pleaded for our babies health, my stamina as they ate continuously, and sanity as our organized home has been turned upside down by double baby gear. I am learning a lot and learning what to say yes and no to; what to treasure and what to throw away. 

My little loves are my treasure that I know is mine on loan. At times I wish for a day to read, sleep, and watch movies, but those days will come again. For now I will capture the moments I share with my littles and treasure them. God will need to continue to shape me to be the mother they need. I will do my best to yield to Him and parent according to His will and word.

And just so you know who I'll be treasuring this year: 
April 2014
Christmas Day 2014