Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laundry Basket Fun!

I tried putting Caleb in a laundry basket months ago but he wasn't too sure of it and really just wanted out. That is no longer the case! So I grabbed my camera and captured his smiles and giggles:)

Monson Alms Christmas

Caleb and I cuddled again this morning. It was too windy for an ice fishing morning, but it was a sunny day!

At 3:00 in the afternoon we picked up Great Grandpa Melvin and drove out to Oma and Grandpa Gene's for games, presents, and Christmas Goose. Caleb fell asleep in the car and took a great nap. It worked out well because he woke up after the games and just in time for presents!
Uncle Garrett with fiance Kayla, Uncle Zach and Becky
Oma and Grandpa Gene presents: Stack and Roll, onesies, and a shovel!

Aunt Greta gave Caleb a classic set of Sesame Street Books!
And you have to play in a box!  

Opening presents with Auntie Krista a couple days later
Stuffed dinosaur, Clothes, and Toy cars

Caleb saying thank you with sloppy kisses!
We had a wonderful evening with family. Caleb had lots of love for all his family!

Christmas Day

Caleb and I had a leisure morning of playing and lounging while Daddy went ice fishing. Caleb woke with a bit of a cough and runny nose. But he was in good spirits so the day went on as planned.

He came home, Krista came over, and we left for the Harjes Christmas Celebration. What fun we had!
Caleb and Uncle Garrett. Christmas outfit from Aunt Britta and Uncle Ryan.

Caleb and Great Grandpa Bill
Caleb received a spring jacket from Ur Oma and Great Grandpa Bill. A book from Great Great Aunt Bitti, and Brain Balls from Great Uncle Tom and Great Aunt Cheryl. He loved it all, especially the tissue paper and ribbon! He has really become quite the pro at gift opening! I guess we used the video camera more during this time than the digital camera. I'll have to get pictures from other family.

Since Caleb wasn't feeling to well he took a little nap and then cuddled with Daddy.
Good food, games, and smiles from Caleb. What a great day!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

This day...a savior is born! A savior! WOW! This year the Christmas Eve service really moved me. Being a mom and having so much love for another being makes me realize the miracle of Jesus' birth and the sacrifice God made for us. May you too feel his grace, love, and peace this year!

Caleb skyped with Germany again this afternoon so that Tante Sandra could watch him open his package from her. He got Guess How Much I love you silverware to match the set he had gotten from Oma and Opa Dohmen. He loved the spoons!

We went to Covenant for their Christmas Eve service with Krista and the Mankato Millers. It was a very nice service which ended in Silent Night with candlelight. Love that!

Stopped by Jason and Carrie's for just a little while and then went home to our house for presents and supper. We decided to do present first since Caleb gets sleepy by 7:00. Caleb was a big fan of opening presents. He loved the paper but once the gifts were out and the paper was hidden away, he really loved the presents too.

I made my first turkey! Woohoo! Some assistance from Josh and Krista we had a wonderful meal of turkey, homemade bread, mixed vegetables, corn, mashed potatoes, and wine. It was really all delicious!

Caleb fell asleep before dessert. We fed him right when we got home from church so he just experimented with a couple puffs while we ate our Christmas Feast. A couple ounces of a bottle and he was out! (But not without getting up for a quick pacifier or cuddle again.) Krista, Josh, and I ended the night with some wii games and laughs. At one point Krista and I both were laughing so hard we didn't make any sound and Josh had to remind us to breathe, which only made me laugh harder! What a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Good tidings we bring...& 8 month pictures

I used to be blissfully unaware of the stress that can surround the holidays. Then I got married and there were decisions to be made about where to be on what holiday, but it wasn't too bad. This year I have the baby in demand and so we want to be sure to make each event and contribute as well. Work seemed especially hectic this month and then there's the gifts for Daycare exchange and the provider. I'm happy to do all those things, but it is also one more thing on a list. But I am happy to report that it only takes a giggle from Caleb and the world regains perspective.

My favorite time of day is getting Caleb ready for his bath. I strip him down on his changing bad while he talks to me about his day. Then I pick up his cute body and carry him to the bathroom. That cuddle time is the best! There's something about the feel of my baby's skin that gives me peace.

Earlier this week Caleb got to open a package from Aunt Britta. She got to watch him open it via Skype (woohoo). He got an adorable Christmas outfit to wear. It is a button up shirt, sweater vest (I'm a sucker for sweater vests!), and black cords. Look for Christmas pictures:) He'll be wearing that to the Harjes Christmas on Christmas Day.

Thursday Caleb had his daycare Christmas Party. He got a gift from the name exchange, a shape sorter. He also received gifts from Amy, the daycare provider, a book and train that pops up balls as it is pushed. What a blessed little boy!

Then the best surprise is that Amy made gifts for the parents and had the kids make presents too. She used their thumbprints, which were adorable. See for yourself:

It's the day before Christmas Eve and I'm still finalizing the menu for tomorrow. I'm making my first turkey so wish me luck!

Here's to more smiles, memories, and blessings than stress this holiday season!

Here are Caleb's 8 month pictures:
8th stuffed animal is Captain Joshua Bear - Josh's childhood stuffed animal

Pile on Caleb...oh silly Mommy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Miller Christmas

December 17th was Caleb's first Christmas celebration. We got some fresh snow Friday, but most of it disappeared Saturday. Willmar didn't receive hardly any and so as we drove to Aunt Jen's the white faded. Caleb took a nap part of the way and smiled the rest of the way.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:
Cousin Max...just chillin'
Family Picture by the Christmas Tree

With his first present...loving the wrapping
Jason and Carrie: Little People bus and girl (Karen), spinning ball thing, and ornament.

Jen & Doug: Jiggling Moo Ball, Cell Phone, Teething Blanket

Michael & Jess: First Words Book & Noah's Arm Bath Toys
Bouncy Ride!

Nana & Papa: Bouncy Ride and Pillow Pet Moose
Loving his new ride:)

Caleb thoroughly enjoyed his first Christmas celebration! He blessed and loved by family! Thank you!!

His first present

Fitting for his generation, Caleb's first Christmas present he opened via Skype with his Germany grandparents in Witzhelden, Germany. And true to kids style...he loved the box!

Caleb received a "Guess How Much I Love Y" cup, plate, bowl, cutting board, and place mat. He loved it! He "drank" from the mug and bowl right away. Thanks Oma and Opa in Germany! Wir haben euch ganz doll lieb...zum Mond und wieder zuruck!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 month observations

A few things about Caleb this month:
  • He's watching out the window. It's fun to check the rear view mirror and see Caleb watching the trees fly by the window. He's becoming very observant.
  • Pre-crawling skills. Caleb is now pivoting and sitting sideways with his arms down. A couple times he has tried push himself over to all fours, but he has then face planted...which doesn't go over well.
  • Caleb will fuss a bit until he sees a camera come out. Then he knows it is time to grin and it's stinking cute!
  • He is 18 month clothes at times. A majority of the time it is 12 month clothes, but he's starting to be too long for some of those.
  • Ear infections don't phase him too much. He was quite happy, even when I took him in due to goop in his eyes. He had a double ear infection!
  • We're not mastering sleeping through the night...could it be teeth moving around?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Part Swede

Caleb is blessed to have a rich cultural heritage. One part oh his bloodline comes from Sweden. To introduce him to this culture, we went to Elva Kaffe. My cousin Denise's church puts on a Swedish exhibition showcasing traditional food, treats, crafts, and more. Most volunteers wear traditional dress as well. Caleb enjoyed watching mommy, Oma, Uncle Garrett, and Aunt Krista try the food. He enjoyed watching the spinning wheel with Llama wool being spun. We listened to the a capella mens group called The Singing Butchers. We almost had to leave the concert early because Caleb wanted to sing along. But I found his plug:) He also got to play a Swedish young boy.
The wheel goes round and round

Caleb is a captive audience

Uncle Garrett with an evergreen crown

So cute

My Swedish Sweetheart

After Elva Kaffe we drove through some pretty falling snow to my cousin's house for dinner. Caleb was in great form and full of smiles.
Great Uncle Dennis

Cousin Denise

Basketball Game

Caleb went to his first basketball game, December 1, 2011. Mommy was feeling under the weather and sadly didn't go. Daddy was there for this first milestone.

Daddy: Caleb watched his cousin Sami's Wilmar Cardnials beat the Mankato East Cougars. Caleb watched the game with interest. He only got upset at the noise once...when Sami hit a long jumper and Aunt Boogie cheered loud. I think he was more upset because he thought it was a 3 all the way and the ref missed the call than the loud noise. He settled down and enjoyed the rest of the game.