Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So if anyone asks about Caleb's first flight I will honestly say he was a trooper. He didn't cry a bit. He loved his wings and sucker. However, his parents, me specifically, had an epic fail moment.

I can actually see Caleb sitting in some orientation as a teen or young adult in a circle. He should share his name and a little known fact. He will say, "Hi. I'm Caleb, and I have worn Depends." 

Here's the synopsis: 
We got through security smoothly with our toddler getting about 5 Junior Security Badge stickers, while Josh and I tried to juggle our 4 carry-ons and stroller. Without too much sweat, we made it to the very end of Concourse G to our gate and had 1.5 hours to spare. We had Caleb run some laps but tried to corral him too. We had smiles from others around us so we knew we kept the annoying factor in check. It was about 15 min before boarding would start so I thought I would change Caleb's diaper before getting on the four hour flight, praying we'd be set until we landed. I grabbed the wipes and then...a little more digging...another zipper opened...and then a moment of terror. The diapers were in the checked luggage! Josh looked too and then said, "Should I go buy some?" "Well this one is wet and we have another 4 hours, so yes." He found out that diapers would be back in the main mall area, at the opposite end of our concourse, near security. He took off running and within minutes of him leaving they called for early boarding: those with medical assistance and young children. My heart beat a little faster. Josh ran up 10 minutes later, a bit winded with a bag in tow. He said the largest size they had was 3 (our son wears 6), so he bought small Depends. I grabbed them and ran to the bathroom. Of course there was a line and the woman in front of me decided to change her baby's entire outfit. I will admit that in my talking to Caleb, I explained that we had to wait but that it wouldn't take long. I was very passive aggressive, but I don't think they really heard it anyway. 

We finally get in and I take off his wet diaper. As I slid the new "diaper" over his legs and up, I could see Caleb looking at me questioningly. I stood him up and hiked the Depends all the way up....to his armpits. Too big, but no time. So I pulled up his shorts and folded and stuffed the 'extra diaper stuff' back down into his shorts. I wanted no visible evidence. We came out and Josh had almost all our luggage in his arms, save one small carry-on suitcase for me to pull. I grabbed it, got to line, took our tickets out of my pocket and got in the skywalk to the plane. As I walk I begin to laugh hysterically, people turn to look. The relief of boarding the plane after the frantic last 20 minutes just overcame me. How absurd it all was! I immediately thought what a memory this will be! And really, that's what vacations are for; making memories! 

The flight went really well. Take off was smooth with snacks and a sucker. We were in the kid zone of the plane so we gave each other support and knowing smiles.

Half way through the flight I wanted to be sure Caleb could get the next 'diaper' on to avoid any leakage. I went to the back of the plane and asked the flight attendant where I should change him. There were no platforms or changing tables in the bathrooms so she told me to change him on my lap while sitting on the closed lid of the toilet. Instead of scoffing or throwing a fit, I walked in and closed the door. I wanted to give her dimensions of my lap (about 18" x 12") and my son's height of 37", but she didn't seem sympathetic to the situation. Upon closing the door, I closed the toilet lid and stood Caleb on top. I changed him completely in the standing position. I did Thank God he did not have a dirty diaper or I would have rung for HELP! Again, my two year old handled it all in stride and looked slightly less questioningly as I pulled the 'diaper' up to his armpits and then rolled it back down. I love him.

I am a teacher and I frequently say, we learn most from our mistakes. Lesson learned: I will always, always, ALWAYS check that I have diapers in my bag.