Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My 2 year old!

Caleb turned 2! Wow! I am blessed. I wrote him his annual letter, sealed it up, and put it in his memories bin.  I get so excited writing him, dreaming, and praying for him.

Caleb's actual birthday was a Friday night. We had a quick supper, cupcake, and then went swimming.
Good morning, Coach!

Get the frosting!

Family picture with the 2 year old and frosting:)

Swimming with Daddy

So much fun!
Caleb had a lot of fun. It's family fun nights like on his birthday that I just revel in US. Josh, Caleb, and I have so much fun together. It's great to be out of the home and just focused on Caleb. Caleb is clearly thrilled and happiest when the three of us are doing something together, at home, in the backyard, or out and about.
I love my two year old, but even better...I love us as a family!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April - the fake spring month

April was deceiving. My poor guy wanted to play outside, but he couldn't shake his winter jacket! We made a trip to the park and some great walks, but really didn't enjoy our yard. It either had snow or was a sloppy mess. We tried to make the most of it though. And really, a toddler does help with that! One new thing Caleb started doing regularly at daycare is going on the potty. He doesn't get there all the time, but he willingly sits and sometimes pees on the potty chair. He is quite proud of himself. And we are proud of him too!
Flushing the potty.

At the beginning of the month Caleb had an ear infection and after several sleepless nights, Mommy got a cold too. But we got through it. I knew Caleb wasn't feeling well but I never would have guessed it was an ear infection. He really is a trooper and tolerates pain well.
Caleb got a new item in his room. A map! We plan to mark all our destinations on this map as a family. We're pretty excited and Caleb was happy to help put it up. We also had a snow day on April 11! Can you believe it!? Another highlight was eating Rouladen, a traditional German meal. Caleb really enjoyed it.
Caleb's happy about the Snow Day with Mommy!

Rolling up the sirloin, bacon, onion, pickle and mustard into Rouladen!

April means Caleb turns 2. He can say, "Two," and hold up about two fingers. He at least gets there eventually. He watches as his fingers curl down. It's stinkin' cute! The night before his birthday he helped mix and bake his cupcakes. He is such a great kitchen helper.

On Caleb's actual birthday Caleb celebrated with daycare first with snow. Well, first he had to put up with his mommy sticking a tie on him and taking pictures in the early hours of the day. School was two hours late due to snow so I could just enjoy the morning with some extra snuggling. When we got home that evening, we ate supper quickly and had a couple cupcakes. Then Josh, Caleb, and I went to the YMCA. First we went in the ball pit for a bit and then played basketball in the gym. We finished the trip with the pool. Caleb loves the water!

That night after Caleb was in bed, Sandra and I frosted all the cupcakes and I got the cake done. Fishing was the theme. We think they turned out really well.

Saturday, April 20, we invited family over for a party. We squeezed in had a wonderful meal and fellowship. During gift opening Caleb gave hugs to everyone for each gift. It was super cute!

We ended the month with more snow and Josh's 34th birthday. School was actually two hours late on his birthday too! We enjoyed supper at the Taphouse with Nana and Papa, Sandra, and our little family. When we got home we enjoyed a German apple cake that Sandra made. YUM YUM!

Spring Break and Easter

My son has become the reason I get up in the morning. Literally. Spring Break used to be this time for me to get up leisurely, as well as watch TV in my bed, read on the couch, and go/do what I wanted. Now, spring break is completely different. Not that that is a bad thing!

Caleb and I had a great time this spring break. We went to the Southern MN Children's Museum in Mankato, The Children's Museum in the Twin Cities with our friends Beth and Brenna Erdal, went to the YMCA, splashed in puddles, and had lots of family time celebrating Easter!

Write off the bat I got to go to the hospital and take pictures of a brand new baby boy. My colleague had a baby and I got to practice taking some newborn shots.
Monday, March 25, 2013 - Children's Museum in the Twin Cities
Beth and I have been friends since we were babies. So we took our babies to the cities for some fun! Both kids did such a great job transitioning from room to room and listening to their mothers. We had a wonderful day! They slept the whole way home.

The MN Wall at Children's Museum
Sleeping with his book.
The next day we played hard at the open gym and ball pit at the YMCA. Woohoo! Caleb loves running around the Y.
 And then he collapses for nap time. He didn't last long.
 Multiple times we went for walks. Well, he took me for a walk, as you can see with the leash. Sandra took Woody and Caleb took me. On this particular day I messed up and we just wore tennis shoes.
The next time we wore boots. He drug me along:)

Friday morning we drove out to my parents to great our Colorado family, visiting for Easter. Kiri had just woken up and we got to have some play time with her.
Do you like the music?

Getting so big!

My beautiful goddaughter
 Saturday morning we dyed eggs. We did some basic dipping and then we did a couple shaving cream eggs. Caleb really enjoyed it!

For lunch we went to Green Isle to celebrate Easter with the extended Harjes family. We had a blast with cousins and Easter egg hunts.

 Sunday we hosted the Miller Easter.