Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Caleb was a Minion from Despicable Me.

Here's Caleb:

We stopped by Papa and Nanas first, but just Papa was there. Papa liked the lil Minion but also tried on another costume as well.

After we saw Papa and then trick or treated at two houses. By the third house Caleb was fast asleep. It's exhausting being Despicable! But what we thought was the end of the night wasn't. He had to wake back up to see Oma:)

She would have been happy to hold a sleeping baby, but I think he sensed she was there. Grandpa came too, and even helped pass out candy to Trick-or-Treaters for awhile. What a great Halloween.

What a Weekend! O-H-I-Oooo my goodness...

I don't know what we were thinking, but we did an Ohio car trip this weekend. Actually, I know what we were thinking. We were thinking of family! Life is too short and Caleb is only this age and phase of life for only so long...we had to go! We combined both sides of the family in visiting Josh's family in the Butler and Columbus areas, and then attending my cousin's wedding in the Dayton area. We did glad we did, but I am exhausted! Outside of the 30 hours driving, here's what we did Friday-Saturday!

We hit Ohio Saturday morning with great joy and anticipation for family time! Caleb traveled wonderfully, but we were still eager to get him and our legs out of the confines of our vehicle! We met Grandma and Grandpa Miller at Dutch Heritage (Amish cooking). Grandpa Richard was having a high school class lunch. Caleb was a big hit. He even sat at the head of the table. He ate his sweet potatoes with pride in front of the adoring audience. Grandma later said she was glad we made it in time for lunch, so their friends could meet Caleb:)

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's in Butler, Ohio for some much needed relaxation. Caleb got up from a quick rest with rosy cheeks and the desire to be held by his Great Grandma. She was thrilled to meet the need! Great Grandpa got in on the smiles too!
Great Grandma with Caleb

Caleb and Great Grandpa

That evening we headed to the Columbus area to see Caleb's second cousins, Annabelle and Addison. They are identical twins born at the end July. Annabelle has just been home for a couple weeks. The family is thrilled to be home together! The girls looked great and so did the proud parents. Then Caleb's other second cousins, Liam and Brady joined the fun. We even got a fun cousins picture!
Great Uncle Larry, Caleb, Cousin Addison, & Cousin Josh

2nd cousins: Liam, Caleb, Brady, Addison & Annabelle. Caleb is falling on Brady. Love the expression!

3 months and 6 month babies!

We got home late from the cousin fun and got some good sleep on the comfort of a bed instead of a car seat! Alleluia!

Saturday morning we woke up to some more snuggle and play time with grandparents and Great Uncle Jim. He looked liked, and sounded a lot like Caleb's Papa Miller. He gave Uncle Jim a couple double takes:) Josh and I enjoyed Creamed Eggs on Toast for breakfast! Yum, Yum!
Caleb and Great Uncle Jim

Great Grandma and Caleb

Unfortunately we had to start packing up after breakfast. Sometime in there Caleb had the most explosive diaper I have seen yet! I giggled the whole time Josh and I changed him. Josh thought it was more disgusting than funny;)

I heard Great Grandma Norma Miller say numerous times, "I wish you lived closer!" And I think Caleb was thinking the same thing! They had a ball together! After lunch we sad our goodbyes and Caleb smiled his last heartwarming grin as we pulled away.

We headed to a chapel in Xenia, Ohio for my cousin Cheryl's wedding. She married Jack Fitzgerald. Cheryl Fitzgerald has quite the lyrical line to it. They are a beautiful couple! Caleb was hitting his wall before nap time as the ceremony got started. He wouldn't just fall asleep and so Daddy had to take him in the back to swaddle and sway him to sleep. He fell asleep finally during the recessional. At the reception we were seated at the COUSINS TABLE. It was Josh, Caleb, Briana, David, Meghan (David's girlfriend), Kyle, Amy, and Eric. We had a great time!
Cheryl and Jack Fitzgerald: Exchanging of rings

Our Table: 6
Oma (my mom) and Josh

Mommy and Caleb

Great Aunt Tina and Great Grandpa Bill

Uroma and Great Grandpa

Daddy and Mommy

Father and Mother of the Bride: Jim and Tina

Great Aunt Cheryl and Great Uncle Tom

Captured a dancing kiss

We danced, we laughed, and ate good food. There were cheese and bread platters for snacks between the ceremony and dinner. YUM! That's all I need! But dinner was great too! They also had a photo booth! We had a great time taking pictures there too! The reception was beautiful! They way I enjoy weddings has definitely changed. Instead of catching up with others, I'm busy keeping my son entertained and happy, or reveling in someone else doing the job.  Caleb was again a big hit though! What a blessing Josh and I have on our hands! Caleb was such a great traveler, as well as a great guest and cuddler with everyone!

Caleb sandwich!

Caleb with Great Aunt Tina

Caleb with Cousin Heather

Caleb with Cousin Amy

Family Picture

Caleb had the winning golden leaf chocolate in his favor. He got a Beta Fish = C.J.

Married 55 years this November

Oma and Caleb

Doing the Electric Slide


Sisters dancing: Uroma und Great, Great Aunt Bitto

Daddy and Caleb
In this picture, Caleb is showing us what the entire family felt by this point in the weekend:)

Thanks for the angels watching over us, God.