Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go West Young Man

Aunt Krista, Caleb, and myself headed west to end the year with the Fisher Family. It had been too long since we had seen Kiri, and in the first year of life that means a lot! Caleb needed some serious cousin time.

Caleb is a world class traveler. He watched a few movies, slept lots, and was overall in a wonderful mood. The last hour is always the worst. He knows he should sleep once more for a nap, but also that we will be there soon, so he doesn't want to miss it. But when I say the last hour is the hardest, it just means he's little whiny, needs a snack/treat, and wants someone sitting by him. Not too hard when you've got a great co-pilot (either his mom or his aunt).
Sleeping for awhile

We got here and we celebrated by having fake ice cream!

Stairs I get to play on!

Kiri opened some presents and many were stuffed animals. She loved them!

Aunt Britta, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Kiri = The Fisher Family


Caleb gets nostalgic with all the baby toys

I didn't buy a baby!

So this is what is in the cupboards that are locked at my house.

Beautiful smiles and eyes

Tuckered out


So much fun!
Onion goggles. Who knew it could be so beneficial and so nerdy:)
It was so wonderful, lots of fun, but too short. We hit the rode on December 31, 2012, to be home in time to bring in the new year. But how great to have a memorable road trip right at the end.


Hello there,
I took a blogging sabbatical, but didn't tell anyone:) Don't worry, it's over and I am back. Part of the break was due to Caleb becoming a verb and not a noun. An action verb at that.

The holidays were a blur. The good news was that we were happy, healthy, and full of family.
We started celebrating 12/21/2012 after work at my parents home outside of Lake Crystal. Welcome to the MonsonAlms Christmas:
Opening a truck from Oma & Grandpa

Oooo. He likes it!

Tractor! And it has a flashlight under the hood.

There's a great little look. I've got a flashlight...

Books from Auntie Krista

Hehe...I have a flashlight

Legos from Uncle Garrett & Aunt Kayla

He just wouldn't sit still for a picture with Grandpa and Oma.
 The next day we had lunch with Great Grandpa Alms and the Lombardi Family. 
So much family, so much fun!

December 23, 2012 was the Miller Family Celebration:

The little cousins

The Miller grandkids

Caleb's the best present, but rarely wrapped up and still:)


Tools...I like them!

Cuddling with Nana. Christmas Coma!
Christmas Eve we went to church and enjoyed the carols. I teared up and enjoyed the moment of feeling the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas morning Caleb had a stocking and a kitchen. Lucky boy, right?! He thought so too. He was a happy guy and continues to be. We are blessed!

The rest of the day we spent with the Harjes side of the family in Eden Prairie. Sadly I can't find those pictures right now. Know that we had ages 1.5 to 80+, good food, and laughter. Caleb loved the trains running around the Christmas tree. He eagerly watched for it to make each round.

Bottom line, great Christmas. And from there, we got in the car and headed to Colorado. Stay tuned...