Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mom's gone...the Boys play

June 13th I finished a workshop at school, picked up Caleb at daycare, changed clothes at home, and finished packing. Frantically I threw things into my mom's car, dashing about. I probably had 30 minutes of time in the vicinity of Caleb and then drove away to my brother's wedding shower in Shakopee. From there I would stay overnight with my brother and then fly to Denver for a week. So back up to packing up my mom's car it was with a sad heart that I hugged my boys and watched as Caleb starred at the car as we pulled away. Josh later told me that he waved for a long time after I couldn't see him of course.

While the boys were home, I flew to Colorado to be with my new niece Kiri. My sister, Britta, and my brother-in-law, Ryan, welcomed Kiri to the world on May 2 (my birthday). She is a little thing and makes Caleb look like a giant!! She is probably just shy of 9 pounds now at 6 weeks. Britta was working from home when I got there and by the time I left she was easing back into the office. It was the perfect time to go and help out the new parents, even though they had everything under control. I was able to do one of the late night duties, wash the floors, water plants, and do dishes. I also got to hold and kiss Kiri lots, even in the mountains! Sunday I also had the honor of being present at Kiri's dedication. Josh and I are proud and honored to be this little cutie's godparents!

Here are some pictures from my time with the Fisher family:

Sadly I missed father's day festivities in Minnesota, but I made sure the grandpa's had their presents ready. Here are the crafts Caleb had fun doing. He really does like paint!

And then I got to come home to my boys...and I got a very happy greeting!

I had a great time but it's always good to come back those you love!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Too many days blur together and unfortunately priorities can become unorganized. Memorial Day is a great day to slow down and remember the many blessings and sacrifices that others have given for us.

I am responsible for placing the Monson family flowers on the grave at Scandian Grove. Josh, Caleb, and I drove out there and placed the flowers on my great-grandparents grave, John and Anna Monson. From there we drove to Bernadotte and paid respects at my grandparents and Dad's graves. At each location there was a chance to look at names and dates, think about the times they lived in and the lives they shared. Growing up I went to Green Isle for their Memorial Day celebration. My grandpa is the Chaplain and reads the names. Those names, dates, and lives were family to others, but their sacrifice was given for me and others. I wish to teach my son to be grateful. Observing Memorial Day is one day I want to make sure he understands is more than a day off of work and school. We started that this year and look forward to going to Green Isle perhaps next year.

The rest of the day was spent with the Monson Alms family. The tradition is to canoe on the river, but the high river was a bit too dangerous. Instead my family went to Lake Hanska and Caleb enjoyed the beach with Mommy and Daddy. The wind was pretty intense, but the waves didn't scare Caleb. He walked right into the lake!

This is one of the times that I didn't feel prepared as a mother seeing as I didn't know we were going to the lake and so we made due with what was in the car. Luckily we picked up some previously owned Superman PJs for post swimming clothes:) So look for that lovely 3T shirt! haha!

Future Aunt Kayla had fun blowing bubbles with Caleb. It was little tricky in the wind and with Caleb's current motor skills, but I think we'll get there soon:)
Caleb likes bottles...but he only gets this type of bottle completely empty:)

Yard games and grilling out with family. Nothing better.

May fun

Hello! It's been awhile! I can hardly keep up with Caleb let alone the blog:)

Caleb is starting to talk more and sign for some words.
He signs more, eat, more, and waves bye bye.
He says, "All Done!" when he is done eating.
He loves saying, "Hi," at everyone.

May was a busy month with lots of fun in the sun and time with people we love. Here's the highlights reel.

Aaron came over for a quick play date while the daddies talked in the basement.

Caleb got a new wagon:

Driving his train:
 Giving his adorable look:
Water table fun:

 Watching Max's basketball game with the Miller Clan:

Mr Bucket Head:
Uncle Garrett came to visit:

Great-Grandpa and UrOma came by to visit:

A new keepsake picture: