Sunday, December 28, 2014

Parenting problems

Being a parent of littles can be a lonely job at times. Josh was out for a few hours and it was just the kids and me at home. I didn't think taking the kids out in the germs would be a great idea. But I was getting antsy. I thought about inviting someone over, but by the time I went through my list, there wasn't anyone to call. Her was my list:

Someone I know and not busy

Someone with few or no kids that could fit in my house

Someone who I would not need to clean for...piles of presents and toys to be sorted, out grown clothes that need to be sorted and packed up, dishes, laundry, etc.

Someone in town or near

Someone not sick or family sick so my kids have a chance to keep fighting off the influenza

Someone who likes kids and would enjoy our company

Someone who would "help"/play with my kids to keep us all happy while hanging out

Now the reason I didn't call someone was my decision, based on my perceptions. I know they could easily be wrong, and were. But it is very easy to go through my list and feel alone. And I don't think I'm the only one who feels this I?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas thoughts

Mollie and Will can't quite make it 12 hours through the night so at about 5:00am every morning Will wakes to eat. Mollie is sometime after that. Usually Will eats and goes back to sleep for another hour but he most know it is Christmas. He is awake, crawling around. Since he's been awake, Mollie has been changed, fed, and put back to bed. Good girl;)

We have a small tree this year with lights up on an end table, as an attempt at baby proofing. There are a few signs of the season, but most are daycare projects. (We love Ms. Amy!) 

Working until the day before Christmas Eve was rough for me. I felt behind all of December having been out of town for Thanksgiving, so not having a day I catch up and get ready for Christmas left me a frazzled. So instead of getting worked up too much I simplified as best as I could. We have a tree with lights, daycare projects hung, lasagne and caprese salad for dinner last night, and baby socks for Mollie and Will. I'll shop the after Christmas sales for their stockings:)

We were also more intentional talking to Caleb about Jesus this year. I would tell him the Christmas story before bed, talk about Mary and Joseph getting ready for a baby, complete our advent calendars, etc. We must have done ok because Josh was wrapping presents for extended family on Sunday when Caleb walked up and asked, "What you doing Daddy?" He replied, "Wrapping presented." Caleb inquried, "For Jesus?" Josh had his aww moment:)

For Christmas Eve we open presents from family and each other. Christmas morning is just Santa gifts. It's not that I need the credit, but I prefer that Santa give stocking gifts, but Not ALL the presents. This way the kids know they got presents from their loved ones. Santa can be the toothbrush giver, some candy, and small presents. He's not the hero of this holiday; Jesus is. 

Merry Christmas! 

Thanksgiving & Ohio Family 2014

I love visiting our Ohio family! Josh grew up there but in high school his parents and siblings moved to MN. Josh has lived in MN longer than Ohio now, but he is still a Buckeye with a soft spot for the Gophers.

Josh and I value family and one way we have chosen to demonstrate that is to see and visit family that we can drive to in a day or so (sorry German loved ones; we'll get there someday!). We go to Ohio every other year since we've been married and we're considering going every year. We were also in Ohio our first Christmas as a married couple and have returned for Grandma Betty and Grandpa Richard's funerals, as well as my cousin Cheryl's wedding. My side of the family also has a presence in Ohio. My mom's sister, Tina, and her family have lived in Ohio for over 10 years. We swing by them near Dayton on nearly every trip or meet halfway between them and Josh's family in Butler, north of Columbus. We always stay with Grandma Norma, and what a treat that is. She is a fabulous cook, great to talk to, and an overall fabulous grandma who loves on her grand babies, and great-grand babies. 

This Thanksgiving was special because it was Mollie and Will's first time to Ohio and first time to meet all of the family that lives there! Great Grandma Norma immediately loved on those babies! She was so helpful with their bottle feedings and making sure Caleb got what food and things he needed. 

On Thanksgiving Day we celebrated at Aunt Penny's house. She and Uncle Larry added on to their farm house and have a beautiful kitchen and eating area for hosting the large Miller family! Josh's cousin Caroline also has twins, Addison and Annabell. They are two years old and so sweet! They were so good to the babies! Caleb was also a rockstar on this trip! He traveled so well! I can't believe how awesome he did for being THREE! 

This trip marked a few milestones for Mollie and Will! 
-Their first road trip beyond the Twin Cities. We drove through the night to get to Ohio for a total of 16 hours on the road. 
-We stopped for breakfast at their first Cracker Barrel.
-Both babies cut at least one tooth! Sleep was difficult and away from home when teething. Those top ones are coming through! 
-Will pulled to standing for the first time on Thanksgiving Day! 
-First time sleeping in a hotel. We stopped on the way back at a hotel for a pool so Caleb could go swimming!

This Thanksgiving we are so grateful for the many blessings God has graced us with this year! He has entrusted us with three amazing and healthy children! We are exhausted but filled with joy that these three are in our lives!!