Monday, May 26, 2014

May 19-23

It was a busy week! 
My mother in law was able to babysit the babies for me Tuesday morning so I could treat a friend to coffee at the new bakery in town. Heather has been an amazing and generous friend during my pregnancy, hospital stay, and the transition to home through visits and meals. The least I could do is thank her with a morning coffee date. It had also recently been her birthday. Tuesday was also exciting because my sister Krista has moved back to MN!! We're so glad to have Auntie Krista back in our lives more regularly! 
This afternoon my dear friend Eda also met the twins for the first time. Will especially loved sitting in her lap and looking at her! 

Mollie and William are 3 months old today, Tuesday, May 20. At times I can't believe we're already at 3 months, and other times it seems we've earned each day it took to get here. Both Mollie and William are smiling and cooing. They are great at gaining weight and growing. 

This month we added the stuffed giraffe and elephant from Aunt Britta and Uncle Ryan. 

Wednesday morning I took Mollie and William to church for Muffins and Moms. The last time I went was a weekend because I was a working mom but today I was there with stay at home moms, moms on maternity leave, and work from home/part time working moms. It was packed! The nursery coordinator, Michelle, helped feed and hold Mollie, and I also used the bouncy seat there to manage M & W. I met some great women and came home exhausted:) Luckily my niece Josie came after school to snuggle babies for a bit. Then for the evening my mom and Krista hung out. 

May 21, 1957 Oma was born!! It is her golden year! We celebrated tonight! We had Papa Murphy's and DQ cake. Lauen came for supper too.
During dinner I asked everyone to share a favorite Mom/Oma moment or memory. Krista talked about how every single one of her friends loves M. If she tells her friends she's doing something with Mom, they all say they are jealous and to say hi from them. Josh talked about going to the MN Twins game 3.5 years ago with my mom. It was at the Target Field. We treated her to seats behind home plate and Mom, a huge Twins fan, was in awe of the seats. She had never been that close before. It really touched Josh's heart to share that with her.

I said I remember the late 90s to early 2000s being a time when you could drive a vehicle after Mom had and yours have to turn the CD way down! She loved to blast Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael w Smith, DC Talk, and a bunch of Christian artists. 

I asked Caleb then what he liked to do with Oma. He said, "Play trains!" I repeated, "You like to play trains with Oma at Oma's house." He then whined, "Oma's house!" He wanted to go right then. Totally melted my heart. I'm glad he has an Oma he loves to play with! 

Today Auntie Krista hung out with us for parts of the day. One part in the morning meant we went to Sam's Club. In the afternoon she was with us again and we picked up pictures from Elite Portrait Design. This way she could stay with the babies and I could pick out pictures. 

I'm so grateful for a generous and servant hearted sister. She is so willing to help others and doesn't wait until she is asked, but rather shows up and offers. Thank you Krista!

Then we came home, did a little cleaning, and had a visitor. Lisa, our favorite nurse came to visit! We went for a walk and caught up. It was wonderful to see her! Time flew by and soon Caleb and Josh were home, babies needed fed, and we needed to think about dinner. So Lisa left, but hopefully we'll see her again soon.

This afternoon was Bridges All School Musical. The babies and I went to see my class and my nephew Eli. Luckily Aunt Boogie (Jess) a and Nana were there to help hold a baby. 

At 4:00 there was a Staff party at Peggy's, my partner teacher, in honor of all those who will not be returning to Bridges in the fall. I brought Mollie and William and they were passed around and tolerated it well. 
At 5:30 we left for Oma and Grandpa Gene's to celebrate Oma's golden year birthday. We had brats on the grill! Summer is here! Caleb got to play trains with Auntie Krista before supper and get a 4 wheeler ride with Grandpa after supper! Then it was time for a bonfire, the first of the summer.
Then it was a bath and a drive home.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Easter celebrations - 2 months!

Easter is such a special holiday. As Christians we celebrate it year round. because Jesus is risen, we can live saved life. A life without fear of death.

Unfortunately that seems to be abstract for Caleb yet. He isn't candy crazy, but he loves 'the hunt' for eggs. He says his prayers and loves to sing 'Jesus Loves Me' with his daddy. 

Easter Saturday: 
My Grandpa and Oma, Caleb's Great Grandpa and Uroma, host Easter each year at their home in Green Isle. My cousin Heather and her husband Christian were there from New York. My Great Aunt Bitti, Great Aunt Holly, and Great Uncle Roger got to meet the babies for the first time too. The Harjes side was also gracious enough to celebrate Caleb's birthday with us again. We had dirt cake for everyone and Caleb opened presents.

Easter Sunday:
We did it! We got to church, before the opening song even, for the early service! Nursing and pumping conflicted with some of my morning routine to get ready, but make up is overrated!
We all sat in the church for the whole service. I don't know that I caught the entire message, but the Spirit filled me! We were at the service with Josh's older brother, Jason and his family.  After the service we took our first nice family picture.

2 months old!

I can't believe Mollie and William are 2 months old! After church we sat them on the couch for their 2 month picture in their Easter outfits. They are now able to sit with little propping. We're still eating every three hours and at times clustering, but we're doing well. I do think that William has a dairy sensitivity. Apparently it is common for babies to have difficulty breaking down the protein in dairy. This causes gastrointestinal discomfort. The only way to help William is by my diet changing. Therefore, I will be going dairy-free. It has nothing to do with lactose, so looking for labels that say lactose-free doesn't help. And actually dairy is hidden in many products so there will be a lot of label reading and education for Josh and me.