Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yard Work

Between the previous owner, who lived in our home 6 years, and us (4 years), our yard that was once beautifully landscaped became an overgrown mess. Weeds, seedlings, and vines were overgrown and among everything. It has been a goal of mine each year to spend some serious time out there and each year I get one corner done and then by the next year the same corner needed a lot of work.

So we called in the reinforcements and made a day of it. My parents and Josh's parents came to the rescue and made the day a success. Josh ripped out an overgrown and split lilac tree on Friday night and then we started bright and early at 8:00. By 11:30 we had done most of the work we set out to do! A beautiful morning! A little more raking up of the twigs and branches, and we are just about done with the fall yard project. In the spring there will be a lot of cleaning and planting again:)

Our yard used to have a white fence along our neighbor's garage. It was rotting so we pulled it out and now we see our neighbors junk...but he is now seeing it too so he promises to move it:)

Here's the day in pictures.

Fence and lilac bush ripped out.
Ruthan worked hard in these side beds.

A snowball bush (or whatever it is called) will be planted here.
Used to be a row of bushes and vines here. Need to rebuild the retaining wall in the spring.
The leaves and debris camouflage all the hard work, but it looks way better!
Cutting down ivy...Jane of the Jungle!
Mowed down hedges of bushes.

Bob hauled away our debris! Thank you!

Caleb learning to use a few tools. Let's start with sledgehammer!
These tools are more my size!

Loving my backyard!
Thank you parents! We are blessed by you! And we'll reserve a spring date too:) Hehe!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Wedding

So we drove through the night and arrived in Annandale, MN at 10:00am. The wedding weekend had begun, but we were there in time for the big day! Bri's brother, Garrett, proposed November 19, 2011 to his beloved Kayla. She said yes and they got married August 4, 2012. Here's a photo montage of the blessed event!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gushing about Caleb

I am in awe of Caleb right now.

He is a great little person with lots of personality.

Tonight our evening went as such:

We played outside. Caleb is sure footed and somehow has yet to step or play in any of our dog's poop in the yard. The only way we got him inside with little fussing was to promise he could feed Woody:) He walked in, closed the door after himself (I was already in), and rushed to the dog food bin. He fed Woody and put the scoop away.

After a little indoor discovery it was time to eat. He wanted to help with the microwave (leftovers) so we practiced doing a countdown from 5 to 0. Zero of course meant tickles. Our timing was a little different than the microwave so we luckily got to tickle three times:)

Caleb was a great eater and got some of Daddy's homemade applesauce for dessert. Auntie Krista came and we had some giggles with her too. Then it was bath with some fishing, and then Curious George. What was fun is that Caleb asked for a snack during Curious George so I gave him a few Cheerios in a bowl. He asked for seconds and I gave him just a few making it clear that after this we were done with snacks. So, after finishing his seconds of Cheerios he ran to the kitchen and threw his bowl in the sink. He's been clearing his dishes for the last couple weeks. Really adorable since it is completely independent and we haven't taught him to do it.

Well it got a bit later and it was about time for bed. He was already in his PJs, so I asked him, "Caleb, are you ready for night night?" He grabbed his blankie and ran to his room to pick out a book. I came into his room as he was crawling into the rocking chair. We read "Good Night, Colorado." Then we turned out the light, said our prayers, and he rested his head on my shoulder for the short four steps from the rocking chair to his crib. He snuggled into his blankie and has quietly been sleeping since. I walked out of his bedroom grateful for a such a wonderful son. 

Tonight I am a content and happy Mommy.

So excited to catch a "fish" in the tub.
My cutie!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


At the end of July, we got a tragic phone call that Grandpa Shotgun had passed away. He had been working in the yard, came in for a rest in his chair, and passed away. He was in such good health, we were all shocked. It took a little organizing, but all of the Minnesota Millers got to Ohio by the day of the visitation.

We left Mankato at 1:00pm on Wednesday and arrived at 4am. Caleb traveled very well! Josie rode with us and she did a great job and keeping him entertained for the first half.

We got a little sleep and then Caleb woke up. I got up with him and he snuggled with Great Grandma Norma. She needed some baby love! She also got some baby love when meeting Lincoln! This is their first meeting.

Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa for a school dance! They had been married over 60 years. Their love was evident in their day to day actions, their family, and the grief shared by the community.
Grandpa's Obituary
The "up side" to a family funeral is the word FAMILY. Being with family is always a blessing.
Baby Cousins meeting

At the visitation...meeting people
Playing with Ohio cousins
Sitting in Grandpa's Chair
My handsome boy


Cousins and Spouses

Little Cousins:)
No air conditioning and Caleb overtired

Great Grandma Lovin'

Bye Grandma! We love you!
And we slept our way home

Caleb feeding Woody

Caleb is a caring little boy. He feels that he is the caretaker for Woody which is very sweet...most of the time. Unfortunately he thinks that Woody needs to eat several times a day, just like him.

When I tell Caleb Woody doesn't need to eat right now, he starts with a small whine/whimper that quickly turns to tears. He becomes the saddest little boy!

He is the audio version of the picture.

And here's Caleb getting his wish. 

Pretty cute, eh?!:)