Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12 months!

12 months has come and gone and it has been like no other time in our lives. I wish it had gone a little slower, allowing for a few more snuggles. That's probably the hardest thing about infant multiples. You get one fed, the other needs fed. You get one changed and freshly washed, and there is one waiting to do the same. The action seems like a revolving door, rather than basking in the sweetness of one baby. However, when there are still moments and you have two peaceful infants in your It takes my breath away! And there were many moments that took my breath away this year.

This last month, Mollie and Will continue to grow and learn. They are babbling and getting their senses of humor.They have gotten great at picking up food and feeding themselves. This makes Mommy and Daddy's lives much easier.

No walking yet, but standing and cruising along things is more and more frequent. I don't know if I hope they walk sooner or not. Right now I can run to the bathroom, and by the time I'm done they have crawled to the door. I imagine when they are walking I won't have those 25 seconds of peace. 

I write each child a letter for their birthday each year. I can't believe the joy and time of writing two letters, but more than any thing, I acknowledge the privilege it is to do so. Being a mom of twins puts me in a circle of moms that I have loved being a part of this last year. The moms around the country and works, but especially our local Moms of Multiples, Multiple Blessings, Club. The moms I met this year and call my friends have a great support system and a truly nonjudgmental. We give each other so much grace and support because we know what 2+ babies/toddlers/school age, etc are truly like. Not Irish twins or 14 months apart, but truly a multiples pregnancy, delivery, and newborns. Because while it has been more work than I ever imagined, I feel so much joy and pride in doing it, or most of it:) 

Mollie and Will, thank you for making me a mom of multiples! You are a double blessing!