Saturday, February 23, 2013

Highlights of 2013 Jan/Feb

Caleb is such a character. 2013 was been full of learning and exploring new ideas, new experiences, new expressions, and so much more. Here's a smattering:

The blur of many dance parties

Walking in Daddy's shoes

Making cookies with the big mixer!

Eating chocolate cake in a dress shirt and no stains!

Head gear for the Miller little ones

Sword fighting while shopping

Tugging on Mommy's heart strings but not winning.

Cowboy hats!
Valentine's Day as a family!
Day date in St Peter

Celebrating Great-Great-Great Aunt Betty's 90th Birthday!
Caleb's first self-portrait. Not bad!
Playing guitar with Mommy!
Playing Mommy's guitar

Playing upstairs, waiting for Sandra to come.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A very fun stage

Caleb is hilarious! I love how he bosses his parents around while he plays. Now don't get me wrong, he is learning to share and learning some of the "hard knocks" of life. How he bosses is how he "arranges" his dad and me to start a race and count to three. Too cute. He grabs our hands and lines us up against the couch. We have to be truly against the couch or we get a finger point. Then he proceeds to "count" to three and ends with a loud, "GO!" He has also already learned to cheat. Sometimes he only counts to two! Ha! He jumps to an early lead and then turns around to check if we're following behind. At that point he giggles to see us coming up behind him and starts high stepping with his knees as he runs. Either that or he starts twisting as he runs with his feet kicking out to the back and then sides. Such a character!

Caleb has learned Hide n Seek! I hear it might come back to bite me when we go shopping in the future, but I think I'm safe for a little longer with my Momma's Boy. He has hid under a table, snuck in a closet, and giggled "quietly" behind cupboard doors. What was perhaps more impressive was his Seeking ability. He found me quicker than I would have thought. He's an observant little guy!

This weekend we made cookies. He loved stirring and figuring out the standing mixer. He was very happy to pull levels and turn knobs. He liked to press his hand to the top of the mixer to feel the motor vibrate. He was, as usual, a wonderful helper. Luckily he share cookies very well.

Caleb loves the dark, especially if he has a flashlight. He has recently enjoyed following a flashlight around the house. He looks like he's on a treasure hunt.

He is busy exploring and learning all about this world, and our home in the winter:)

It's exhausting and amazing!
My little guy is 35.5lbs and almost 3 feet tall. How did this happen?