Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My One Year Old

Caleb is now one year old! I have always felt that years fly by. School helps measure time and keep track of each year. But now having witnessed a newborn baby become a toddler; I am amazed. Even though I am a teacher, I have never seen someone grow and learn so much in one year. I am amazed at his movements, his words, and expressions. He is quite agile. His tumbles and stumbles have some grace. Josh says he's like a cat and always lands on his feet. Unfortunately that theory was proven wrong today at daycare when he hit the entry way floor with his head. He's got a nice goose egg. His thick hair covers it quite well, though.

Caleb at 12 months:
  • Says ball (bah), hi, mama, dada = of course all of this is when he wants
  • Waves bye bye
  • Holding onto things to walk around
  • Climbing up onto things
  • Eating a TON - mostly table food
  • He still likes Itsy Bitsy Spider and enjoys Old MacDonald on his car rides home
  • He likes "If you're happy and you know it" on the way to daycare with Daddy
  • He wants to play in Woody's water bowl, but isn't supposed to
  • He likes when we sing/say the "God is Great" table prayer
  • He waves his hands/"directs" when I sing
  • He grabs books and crawls into our laps to read to him
  • He's teething like crazy in the last month
  • He doesn't like getting his diaper changed anymore...wrestling match
  • In mostly 18 month clothes
  • Loves the sandbox 
  • Loves to ring Woody's bell to go outside
  • Wants to play with remotes, cell phones, and cords
  • He loves to Skype with Auntie Britta and Uncle Ryan and Germany when we can!
  • Loves his bath time!
  • Makes his dad and mom smile everyday!
11 stuffed animals + Woody = 12 months
"You are special today" Caleb! (And everyday)
Oh really? I get the whole piece of cake?