Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Traditions

Last year we saw grandparents and tried to go trick or treating, but Caleb fell asleep by the third house. It was pretty funny to hear him snoring as we walked back home. We didn't even attempt carving a pumpkin since he was hardly able to sit. I doubted his fine motor skills were much better;)

This year: Halloween 2012, we did it all again and more! We decided Caleb was older and it would be worth trying carving a pumpkin. But I didn't want him to grossed out and give up on the pumpkin, so we painted his pumpkin first. He helped choose the colors and went with a red and yellow pumpkin. I covered areas with masking tape for the eyes and mouth. When it was dry we peeled the tape and had a great looking pumpkin.

Then Caleb helped mommy and daddy carve pumpkins. He wasn't scared to stick his hand in the pumpkin, even after Daddy made it jump at him as he was about to touch the inside for the first time (Geez)! Caleb really doesn't have too many recommendations about anything. I shouldn't have been surprised that he thought it was cool, but boring. He had more fun lifting the lid (top) of the pumpkin off.

Halloween night:
We came home from daycare and changed into our lion costume. At daycare he had been a monkey, but he's a bit more ferocious at home:) Oma visited at our house to drop off treats for Caleb. He got a sand bucket and shovel, bubbles, slap bracelets (oh yea), and a cool new sippy cup.

Then we left for Papa and Nanas. Papa answered the door and we spent time playing with Nana, Papa, Aunt Boogie, and cousin Lincoln. Lots of candy in the house so after having plenty of sugar, we ran it off outside.

From there we went back to our neighborhood and walked a few blocks of houses. Caleb was a smiling, happy little lion at each house. He loved look at the other kids in costumes too. Finally we came home, had just a little down time, and then went of to bed.

What a very happy Halloween!!

October was fun!

October is full of fall fun! Here are some of my fall pictures of Caleb. Next post will be carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating.

Reading in his diaper
Contemplative on the tractor, like any farmer.

Swinging in the fall!


Running through the leaves

The neighbors got a bunny, but I think I'm cuter:)

Another haircut from Nana!

Playing at the shed with Oma.

Innocent with Uncle Zach...yeah right!

I want to drive a tractor too!

Tow men in a tub, duck tub:)

Running in his Ohio State sweats. Athletic scholarship?

Music scholarship too?

Looking out the window...he loves to look out there.

Caleb and Brutus
 Daddy went to Canada for some hunting and left Mommy and Caleb home to play. Caleb was teething and not feeling the best, but we managed to have some fun in the leaves anyway!

Grandpa Gene turned 60 years old! He was pretty apprehensive about it, so we had a fun family night and eased him into it. It went over well. Caleb loved the cake:)

Eat your cake and wear it too!

My little lion gave a Halloween costume preview

Ur Oma, Mommy, Caleb the Lion, Great Grandpa Bill

Happy Birthday Grandpa!