Sunday, December 28, 2014

Parenting problems

Being a parent of littles can be a lonely job at times. Josh was out for a few hours and it was just the kids and me at home. I didn't think taking the kids out in the germs would be a great idea. But I was getting antsy. I thought about inviting someone over, but by the time I went through my list, there wasn't anyone to call. Her was my list:

Someone I know and not busy

Someone with few or no kids that could fit in my house

Someone who I would not need to clean for...piles of presents and toys to be sorted, out grown clothes that need to be sorted and packed up, dishes, laundry, etc.

Someone in town or near

Someone not sick or family sick so my kids have a chance to keep fighting off the influenza

Someone who likes kids and would enjoy our company

Someone who would "help"/play with my kids to keep us all happy while hanging out

Now the reason I didn't call someone was my decision, based on my perceptions. I know they could easily be wrong, and were. But it is very easy to go through my list and feel alone. And I don't think I'm the only one who feels this I?

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