Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer time!

June was a month of adjustment.
Adjustment to life as a Stay At Home Mom. This is of course a career change. Not a flip of a switch. I knew there would be adjustment, so I gave myself low expectations and eased in to daily activities, outings, and my overall proficiency as mother of 3 littles. In the past I have gotten frustrated because I didn't seem to just transition in to summer life easily, with or without kids. After my ninth year teaching, I have finally realized that it is a career change, and with such a major change, grace and understanding should come with it. I started tutoring three students in July, so June really was a time we got to be home together with the kids going to daycare about 2 days a week. This was when I got cleaning and shopping done. Somehow it wasn't the rest I thought it would be. The time filled quickly with To Do items. The greatest joy was just seeing my children, day in and day out, and having the time to notice the little things about their development and personalities. I loved the summer buzz haircut Caleb got to really signify summer! And the after nap snuggles were absorbed and treasured! I could go on and on about the laughs, the art of distraction and redirection, and moments I will recall with love for years to come. But, my time is limited, so here are the summer highlights by calendar:

June 9: Splash Pad in Eden Prairie with some other Moms of Multiples.
June 11: Mollie and Will held hands in the car.
June 12: Attempt at PlayDough. Mollie can play with PlayDough and not eat it. William can not resist the green soft stuff!
June 12: Caleb caught his first fish with Daddy. Small mouth bass
June 14: Date night and cards with Josh
June 15: Finally planted the garden
June 21: Father's day and supper at Sibley Park
June 23: Caleb went to the dentist. Did much better with the cleaning; got 1/2 done. But sadly found 2 cavities.
June 26: Leaving at bedtime for South Dakota.
June 27: Met Fishers in Hill City, SD.
June 29: Mount Rushmore
June 30: Storybook Island & Bear Country USA
July 2: Children's Museum in Brookings, SD
July 2-5: Harjes Family Celebration, celebrating Ur Oma's 80th Birthday
July 8: Twins Play Date at Children's Museum
July 9-10: Oma Camp - Caleb slept over at my mom's
July 9: Blueberry picking at Greta's
July 11: North Mankato Fun Days parade
July 13: Ice Cream Cones for Mollie & Will
July 14: Library with Nana
July 15: Blueberry picking with Meghan in Northfield.
July 17: MoonDogs date night with Multiple Blessings group
July 18: 3 different jam recipes
July 19: Tourtelotte Pool with Johnson Family
July 22: Day with our favorite nurse, Lisa Taylor.
July 24: St Peter Kiddie Pool with Scholl family
July 25: Family Barn Dance in Green Isle; Mollie & Will's first
July 27: Caleb has a chore bingo card to earn iPod time and $1 when it is blackout.
July 28: Negotiations, I am a member of the team, ended with a tentative agreement between MTA and ISD 77
July 28: Caleb had two cavities filled and was a champ! Laughing gas works like a charm!
July 29: Owatonna Water Park with my Littles, Eli and Sophia, and Mukamuri family
July 31: Target run with all 3 and left the van door open

August 2: Anniversary day date in Minneapolis area
August 5: Josh has ACL reconstructive surgery
August 5: Caleb started garden class
August 8: Mom, Gene, Greta, and Krista return from 12 days in Guatamala on a Mission Trip. Krista stops by for a quick visit and the next day Mom and Gene stop by. 
August 12: Caleb and Mommy went to garden class, followed by the Children's Museum with the Tapescape exhibit.
August 13-14: Renew, Reflect, Re-Charge: A Courage to Teach retreat for me


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